Bjarke Thordal Bøgeskov 




Bjarke is a methodically well-grounded consultant with the toolbox in order. He is passionate about quantitative methods, data processing and statistics and this has led to great expertise in the field. Bjarke has taught precisely these areas at the Political Science Studies at Aarhus University, from which he also holds a master's degree.

For the past several years, he has worked in the analytics industry, where he has used his methodical foundation to ensure strong and reliable insights for his clients. His list of qualifications includes long-standing positions as project manager for major international clients.

Bjarke is exceptionally skilled at managing several complex projects in parallel and delivering everyone in perfect order to their complete satisfaction. Bjarke is the customer's favorite as he gets all team members, internally as well as on the customer side, set to effectively reach the end goal.


It is not only the result creation of his customers that drives Bjarke. He has been an active athlete for most of his life and has been on the national team in the niche sport Ultimate Frisbee on several occasions. Although getting longer and longer between each workout, he still enjoys getting grass under his feet and a frisbee in his hand.

In addition, Bjarke generally enjoys living life and spending most of his time with wife, child, traveling and cooking and consuming the product - preferably with a good bottle of Italian red wine.

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