Silverbullet cases

In the past, we have assisted Munich Airport on defining and creating an overview of the passenger journey and constructing an overall KPI system called the Passenger Experience Index (PEI). From 2020 onward we will be taking on the project once again.


The work we will be carrying out for Munich Airport include re-mapping the passenger journey and measurements needed to inform the PEI. Based on this, we will be carrying out more than 20,000 passenger interviews on a yearly basis which will be reported in our online BI-reporting platform.

Silverbullet case: Aviation

Passenger Surveys for Munich Airport

For the municipality of Aarhus we have carried out a research project among the municipality's citizens about the current state of the local democracy. 

The insights from the project helped the municipality of Aarhus to get a better understanding of the current state of the local democracy and the areas leaving most room for improvement. The insights will be used by a commission to make concrete recommendations to the City Council on how to improve the local democracy. 

Silverbullet case: Public Sector

Local Democracy in Aarhus

Together with the consultancy InZights, we are creating a new version of European Travel Comissions handbook on Tourism Forecasting. 

The handbook will be targeted at national and regional destination companies and tourism board. The handbook will provide an overview of the different tourism forecasting methodologies, how to use them in a business context, as well as some textbook examples from Europe and abroad. The handbook is a vital tool for the tourism sector for planning long term. 

Silverbullet case: Tourism, Culture & Attractions

How to Forecast Tourism?

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