Dan Arnum




  • Dan is a technical project manager and IT architect with a great deal of experience both on the supplier and on the customer side.

  • Based on software development, Dan has worked in other IT areas such as operations, management and procurement. He therefore has a broad perspective on an IT solution.

  • Dan is a strong organizer and initiator who can focus on the goal and carry out projects with an eye to the crucial importance of the human factor.

  • Dan can carry out management tasks as well as specialist tasks and can move effortlessly from overview level to retail level.


About Dan

  • Dan is purposeful and pragmatic. Quality must be delivered - not for the sake of quality, but for the sake of the overall goal.

  • Dan is sociable and can work with many different types of people at different organizational and professional levels.

  • Dan is persistent and understands that the ideal solution is often not possible. He sees a challenge in making the best out of the present.

  • Dan likes to think long-term and visionary, but always based on the realities.

  • Dan is passionate about delivering results that meet a meaningful need. Therefore, tasks in health IT are particularly motivating for Dan.



  • Dan's interests are wide-ranging, but there are four areas that fill a lot - in addition to family and friends:

    • Exercise is an absolute necessity in a daily life characterized by sedentary work. Dan's preferred forms of exercise are running and strength training.

    • Music is needed. Dan loves to listen to music (primarily classical, rock and jazz). He is also practicing jazz guitar and has gradually collected a few guitars.

    • Books (both in paper form and electronically) are fantastic "tools" for expanding their understanding horizon and for decoupling from a busy everyday life. History and philosophy are preferred topics, but there is room for a well-written crime.

    • Wine can provide unique flavors and be the basis for travel around the world. Dan greatly appreciates well-made wine and has a fondness for Italian, German and New Zealand wines.


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