Henrik Laier



Henrik has a background as a civil engineer specializing in Medical Informatics and Image Analysis from Aalborg University. He is highly development oriented and has during his career taken the role of solution architect, software developer, project manager, development manager, technology manager and IT manager. He has also been instrumental in establishing a web agency. He has worked predominantly in the graphic / media, health and municipal sectors.

Henrik works from a holistic view, but he also knows that "The devil is in the detail" - the many different ends of a project should be brought together.

He is fascinated by human diversity and loves to collaborate with others. He sees it as his special task to ensure that the end users of a solution are optimally accommodated, as he says when he is in his philosophical corner: "Man is more important than the machine".

However, at the same time, Henrik is very interested in technology and has throughout his career turned new technical opportunities into new business benefits.


Henrik quickly assumes responsibility for the solution of a task, and he uses his mental capacity, powers and his ability to analyze, create overview and find a way through complex tasks. Henrik easily loses patience when others do not show the same responsibility and get out of focus.


Henrik's family (wife Agnete and children Martin, Jens Christian and Katrine ) is Henrik's first priority and of course takes a lot of care in his everyday life. Henrik has a history of taking on tasks related to children's leisure activities such as football coach, team leader and the like.

Henrik hates replacing things that can be repaired. When the time comes, he likes to repair mobile phones, various machines, installations and other things in the home. And sometimes things go well too.


1 – 2 – 3 – 4!

The music is of great interest to Henrik. He has played bass since he was 11-12 years old and has since also thrown himself over guitar, song and songwriting for his very small rock band, which is made up of the remnants of a somewhat larger constellation from the studio. The bass fits well with Henrik's personality - it lays the bottom, drives the music forward and leaves room for others to shine as well. And it all gets a bit thin without.

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