Henrik Roulund Andersen 



Henrik is a senior IT architect with experience from several successful projects and assignments. He has a deep and broad technical knowledge of IT architecture. Henrik likes to work in the tension between the technique, the business and the decision maker. He does this on the basis of his solid years of experience in both participation in, and management of, projects in tendering, IT architecture and software development.

Henrik is what you might call a results-oriented pragmatist. Henrik finds the right solution in the context and follows the task to the door, whether it is a tender project, an analysis project or an agile development project. Only when the Customer's goal is reached is Henrik satisfied.Henrik is good at dealing with different types of people, and can communicate complex issues both to customers, management and the man on the floor.

Henrik is passionate about, and is driven by, the good solution. The good solution is the solution that fits in the context, sometimes the theoretically perfect solution but more often a pragmatic compromise that solves the needs of the client.


Henrik is an active runner, who unfortunately is often characterized by long periods of injury. During the injury periods, Henrik cares for his great and nerdy interest in old power machines, drum machines and synthesizers. There is a big change in the machinery, but Henrik is especially fond of old Roland machines, for example. CR-78, SH-101 and RE-201. When time permits, Henrik produces and publishes experimental electronic music under different aliases.

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