Jan Holdam



Jan's interest in IT was aroused in high school where a young and enthusiastic math teacher introduced "computer science" to the class. It turned into many afternoons with cocoa in the cup and hands on the keyboard. Of course, this led to a degree in computer science from the University of Aarhus and since then a number of employment in private IT companies.


Jan started as a developer and in his business career has worked as a designer / architect, project manager, development manager, database manager, teacher and tester. Along the way, it turned into an HD in organization.


Jan now works primarily as an IT architect and technical project manager, preferably with large and complex projects with many stakeholders whose needs must be balanced against each other. The economic angle is always Jan's starting point for a solution, but it is also extremely important that the needs of the users are met and that integrations with other systems work well.

IT security is one of Jan's special areas of interest, and Jan is pursuing his Master's degree program at IT-west with his specialty in IT security.


Jan's hobbies are predominantly of a sporting nature: running, volleyball and tennis. Jan has played volleyball and tennis since adolescence, but in recent years it is primarily the race that has Jan's interest. Jan ran his first marathon in Paris in 2010; the most recent was the Marathon du Chateaux de Médoc which Jan conducted disguised as Superman. As a member of the Marathon Globetrotters, Jan and his wife travel to marathons all over the world.

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