Jens is committed and passionate about making a difference - to society and to people's lives. It is his drive, and has been the main thread of his working life for the past 30 years. And then he is motivated by visions and values. It is with this starting point and broad management background that he advises his clients and is the leader of major and strategic projects - primarily within the public sector, the health sector and political / non-profit environments.

Jens is an educated economist, but in fact he was completely different subjects that took him professionally when he left Aarhus University in 1986. These were the big questions about the well-being and performance of organizations and people - and not least how strategies and strategy processes can drive development. These focal points have subsequently been supplemented with a professional interest in financial management, evaluation, efficiency and not least digitalisation.

Jens has spent most of his working life in the consulting industry - within management consulting, IT and financial management. He has has been long-time director of Ramboll Management Consulting, senior partner in Deloitte Consulting with responsibility for the public sector, managing partner of BDO Public (Municipal Audit) and director of COK - Center for Public Competence Development, owned by KL and the Danish municipalities.

In addition to working on IT and digitization projects under the auspices of the above companies, Jens has specific experience from the IT industry as director of Unisys A / S and European manager of Microsoft Business Solutions in Deloitte.

Jens currently sits on several boards, and has previously held positions of trust in, among other things. DJØF, Danish IT and Danish Business. He is also appointed censor at the Economics programs and at the programs of Political Science and Social Studies.



Jens has a passion for art and culture - and there are always galleries and art museums on the itinerary when he is wandering around Europe's big cities and in the hometowns of Copenhagen and Aarhus. The passion also includes music in a broad genre sense with a small point lead to the rock music, where Jens himself plays guitar and sings in a few rock bands.

And then he does what he can to keep fit and fit - i. through running, spinning and a bicycle club for specially selected, which he has not yet managed to show up in. With 2 daughters as former Flying Superkids, he has many years ago engaged in gymnastics and he currently sits as a board member of GymDanmark and chairman of the board of Flying Superkids.

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