Jørgen Hougaard



Jørgen has extensive experience in providing services within sparring / personnel management, project management, program management and supplier management. Jørgen is able to understand the technical, organizational and human aspects of complex projects in larger and political organizations. Jørgen has a constant focus on creating momentum and results, so that the tasks are achieved.

Jørgen is a problem crusher who ensures that tasks are solved and projects are completed. Jørgen is solution-oriented and has a pragmatic approach to the challenges that inevitably arise during major projects.

In the role of consultant, Jørgen has the opportunity to influence projects and larger programs. Jørgen is passionate about creating momentum and results, enabling him to help create solutions that benefit organizations and people.



Jørgen's great interest is football, both as an active youth coach and as a spectator. The absolute highlight was as a spectator to the Champions League at the Allianz Arena in Munich, but otherwise the highlight of the week is the Bundesliga matches on TV on Saturday afternoon.

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