Kristian Budolfsen has been one of the leading figures in the Nordic market research industry for the past 10 years.

What is impossible for others always seems possible to Kristian, and it shines through the way Kristian goes about things.


As a consultant, Kristian is the customer's man in one and all, and it is the customer's delight in the result that Kristian is passionate about. Kristian works exceptionally well in the tension between customers, tasks and the hinterland, and manages to provide a service that ensures happy and loyal customers. Therefore, to date, Kristian has never worked with a customer who has switched to a competitor, which in itself is something of a business. This is achieved only by Kristian being able to put himself in the customer's place and problem, and solve this with the customer

- not just as a supplier, but as the customer's dedicated and loyal partner and advisor.


Kristian's customers and assignments range from major global players to smaller, locally-based customers, and their work spans equally wide. The broad focus is because for Kristian, a customer is a customer, and receives the same high level of service and counseling regardless of the size of the budget and the task behind the individual customer relationship.


Kristian has strong skills in the quantitative and qualitative method field. The favorite area, and where Kristian is most specialized, is in the field of quantitative methods and statistics.

Kristian is a cand. Scient. Soc. and has an HD in organization and management. For the summer of 2019, Kristian will also complete the Executive MBA degree.


"Happy wife - Happy life". When Kristian is not working, time is dedicated to the family, which means one and all. When the opportunity arises in time, Kristian always combines that opportunity with travel. Kristian loves to travel and experience new countries and cultures, which has meant Kristian has been around more than 50 countries and has another 50+ countries at the top of his list of what to experience next.

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