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We use a wide range of methods

At Silverbullet we use all the latest methods and tools within IT & Technology, Management Consulting and Research & Insights. We cover all common methods in quantitative and qualitative methods and combinations thereof, and have spiced the toolbox with Business Intelligence and more advanced statistical analysis methods.

Business Intelligence

Silverbullet specializes in Business Intelligence (BI), allowing organizational data to be transformed into actionable knowledge and thus fact-based decisions. With the constant increase in available data, decisions can now be based on facts rather than gut feelings and intuition. And it is often not as complex as many people think.


We use both internal and external data and combine them to improve data quality and value to create stronger insights - often continuously, enabling our customers to adapt to internal and external changes.


Silverbullet provides services using BI tools. We have our favorites that we specialize in, but we also have experience using a variety of other tools. We also adapt to the individual customer and work in the tools that you have.


Our typical BI projects center on one or more of the following services

  • Data Mapping & Evaluation

  • BI-Reporting

  • Advanced Analysis

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods are often preferred when companies and organizations want to get a generalizable picture of a particular target audience or problem. At Silverbullet we are quantitative nerds - in the most positive sense of the word! And we have a lot of experience in applying the methods in different contexts.

We use a wide variety of methods to collect quantitative data both offline and online. Data is often collected using Silverbullet's own platform, but we also work with subcontractors when we need to cover new markets. We have a large network of data collection experts we use from time to time.

  • Desk Research 

  • Register-based Analysis and Statistics

  • Personal Interviews (CAPI) 

  • Telephone Interviews (CATI)

  • Online Interviews (CAWI) 

  • Paper-bases Interviews (PAPI)

We use a variety of analytical methods to transform the data into insights. We use everything from the simplest methods to the most complex, always using the analytical approach that is best suited to the current problem.

  • Descriptive and Explorative Analysis

  • Regressions Analysis

  • Cluster analysis and Segmentation

  • Factor Analysis

  • Conjoint and Choice Analysis

  • Path Analysis

Qualitative Methods


"No data without narrative, no narrative without data". Qualitative analysis and insight is a powerful tool for uncovering the unknown and creating shared stories between, for example, customer and product.

The qualitative methods often help to uncover the "why" question in a business question. We believe that strong qualitative analyzes and insights can be important elements in decision making. It helps our clients understand the situation from the perspective of their target audience and develops hypotheses about their motivation. Qualitative data in combination with quantitative data often provides a much more comprehensive understanding of the problem. A mixed methods approach is therefore often the most valuable approach. In particular, we use the following qualitative approaches:

  • Personal In-depth Interviews

  • Focus Groups and Participant Workshops

  • Ethnographic Studies

  • Observation and Walk-along Interviews

  • Social Intelligence and Social Media Listening

  • Exploratory Mobile Investigations 

Want to know more?

Get in touch with Director & Partner Kristian Budolfsen from the Silverbullet Team, 

if you want to know more about the methods we use to derive insights.

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