Niels Therp 



Niels has extensive experience in projects or individual assignments being the link between, for example, technical resource persons and decision-makers, as he can understand and convey complex issues in an understandable way. For example, in a role as technical project manager, in terms of his many years of work with IT infrastructure and as IT operational crusher.

Niels is very detail oriented, structured and pragmatic and he enjoys getting chaos organized. At the same time, he loves to improvise and find new ways and solutions. He is a bit of a human explorer and finds it exciting to work with all types of personalities, where he can easily take on the introverted or extroverted personality depending on the situation.

In his role as a consultant, Niels is given the opportunity to continuously meet new people, get new impressions and new problems to familiarize himself with and solve, which fits well with his seeking nature. The current customer and task is always the most exciting challenge to date and he is passionate about making a difference for the customer.


Niels's interests include for literature, music, art, architecture and design, so that the dearest owner is always the latest acquisition, eg a Danish designer furniture in rosewood from the sixties. At the time of writing, however, the legendary UD sign in brass, designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen and produced by Louis Poulsen, which Niels himself has converted into a table lamp. Of intangible assets, the memories of several trips with the girlfriend to Italy are very high on the list.

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