IT med omtanke er vores særlige kendetegn og det betyder

i praksis, at vi tror på en smartere brug af teknologi. Og at IT

kan forbedre betingelserne for virksomhedens forretningsgange, effektivitet og indtjening, samtidig med at det kan bidrage til væsentlige forbedringer af livskvaliteten i samfundet.


Silverbullet Aarhus

Søren Frichs Vej 42F, 1 tv.
8230 Åbyhøj
(+45) 51 26 54 63

Silverbullet København

Borgergade 6,5
1300 København K
(+45) 51 26 54 63

Om Silverbullet og IT med omtanke

Press release:




Three years ago, Silverbullet A/S initiated a development to become a focused consulting company within the architecture, selection and implementation of IT systems primarily for the public sector. Because of this focus, Silverbullet A/S has succeeded in consolidating the company both financially and strategically.


As part of the further strategic development, the ownership of the company is now expanded by two new partners. It is Terje Vammen and Jens Hornemann, both of whom have been external members of the Silverbullet Board of Directors since 2016. The two new owners complement the current owners Henrik Gørup Rasmussen and Dan Arnum Hansen.

CEO Henrik Gørup Rasmussen says: “For some time, we have been ready to take the next step in the expansion and development of Silverbullet. With the association of Jens and Terje, we bring considerable competencies and professional experience to the company. They both have a strong history with the development and growth of consulting businesses, which we see as a natural extension of our current core services - Jens within management consulting and Terje within research and data management.”

Jens Hornemann comes to Silverbullet with experience from several leading IT and management consulting companies. Among other positions, he has been senior vice president in Ramboll Management Consulting for more than 10 years, senior partner in Deloitte Consulting and managing partner of BDO Public Sector. He has also been CEO of the IT company Unisys and in Deloitte, he has been responsible for the company’s European Microsoft business. Jens is also active in several boards, just as he has previously performed trust posts in e.g. DJØF, Danish IT and Danish Business.

Terje Vammen comes to Silverbullet from a position as executive director and partner, which he since 2006 has managed to develop and position as one of Denmark's leading companies in market research. Terje has been responsible for sales and marketing and responsible for the commercial internationalization of the company, including the rapid growing Aviation business. Terje has approximately 30 years of experience in the market research industry and has previously been director and partner in DMA/Research and department manager in NIRAS. Terje also has a thorough knowledge of the public sector and is a well-known face of the business community in East Jutland, where he is chairman of Business Aarhus and board member of Den Gamle By, Visit Aarhus and Aarhus Academy.

Terje Vammen says about the new partnership: ”Silverbullet is a healthy company with strong customer relationships and unique business knowledge within selected sectors such as public health and public utilities. I see great opportunities in expanding these core competencies and positions of strength. "Jens Hornemann adds:" I see a great potential to expand within digitalization, management and research based on Silverbullet's focus on technology - and in this connection move up in the value chain of our existing customers. There is a great need to lift technology, data usage and digitization into the strategic space."

In connection with the strategic development, Silverbullet Research & Insights has been established. It carries out activities within market research and the use of data. Here, Kristian Budolfsen becomes partner. He comes from a position as Senior Director, where he for the past 13 years has been managing sales and project management for several of the company's largest customers both in Denmark and abroad.

Kristian Budolfsen says: "I am extremely excited to unfold the potential of combining IT and technology solutions with data usage and the market research disciplines for the benefit of our customers."Overall, Silverbullet integrates expertise within Research & Insights, Management Consulting and Technology & IT Consulting.

More information:

Chairman of the board of Silverbullet Dan Arnum Hansen, Mobil +45 28184238. Mail:

Adm. dir. in Silverbullet Henrik Gørup Rasmussen. Mobile +45 51265463. Mail:

Director and partner in Silverbullet Terje Vammen. Mobile +45 29861515. Mail:

Director and partner of Silverbullet Jens Hornemann. Mobile: +45 20606701. Mail:

Director and partner of Silverbullet Research and Insights Kristian Budolfsen. 

Mobile +45 61461466. Mail: