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Silverbullet Research & Insights team up with our customers to handle business challenges and navigate them to opportunities! We do this by analyzing and developing our clients' business cases by collecting, merging, transforming, analyzing and managing information, data and knowledge.


Silverbullet Research & Insights is part of the Silverbullet Group. This means that our foundation of classic tools in market analysis and research has been added to new opportunities for insights through integration with technology and IT tools. Therefore, you only need to walk in through one door, no matter which of our skills you require. We consider all disciplines as one large interdisciplinary and integrated area, and it is in this span between the disciplines that the present and tomorrow's need for market analysis is located.

It is the customer's delight in the end result we are passionate about delivering every single time. This is achieved solely by being able to put ourselves in the customer's place and find the best solution. Not just as a supplier, but as the customer's dedicated and loyal partner and advisor. Our customers and their issues are at the heart of everything we do.

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Market analysis and data use have gained significantly greater strategic importance and are now a top priority in many companies and organizations. Increased focus places greater demands on design, data use and data quality. As data sources have at the same time become more and more complex than ever before, the demand for credible data and analysis is growing significantly. All this happens at the same time as there is pressure on budgets and resources in many organizations.

Silverbullet is ready to lift this challenge with you. We provide solutions and insights on both simple and complex challenges. Our solutions, results and recommendations make it easier and faster for our customers to take and implement decisions that help to execute their strategy and fulfill their purpose and vision.

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About the Silverbullet Group 

Silverbullet is an agile, flexible and Danish-owned consultancy that specializes in implementing and maintaining sustainable and long-lasting IT and data solutions in private and public companies. Regardless of the scope of the assignment, most of us consider ourselves strategic advisors, with a large tactical and operational experience base.

Since 2004, Silverbullet's consultants have assisted clients in implementing successful projects. We advise provide data, analysis and insights and advise in digital transformation in a wide range of sectors. In addition, we advise customers facing an EU offering, we assure the quality of the target architecture and we fulfill the role of IT project manager. 

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