IT med omtanke er vores særlige kendetegn og det betyder

i praksis, at vi tror på en smartere brug af teknologi. Og at IT

kan forbedre betingelserne for virksomhedens forretningsgange, effektivitet og indtjening, samtidig med at det kan bidrage til væsentlige forbedringer af livskvaliteten i samfundet.


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Om Silverbullet og IT med omtanke

No insight. No outsight.




We are a ‘Next Generation Market Research Company’, and do not hesitate to define ourselves as innovative. We redefine market research as Silverbullet Research & InSights is founded on integrated expertise within Research & Insight, Management Consulting and Technology & IT Consulting. 

Our foundation of classic market research and management tools is added new opportunities for insights through the integration of technology and IT-solutions. Everything to meet your needs as client in the best possible way.


Just enter through one door - no matter which combination of our competencies you need. We consider all disciplines as one cross functionaland integrated area. It is within this span between disciplines the needs of market research today and tomorrow exist.


In a recent analysis by The Economist, 90% of business leaders state that they need to optimize the use of their data to make the right decisions. This is exactly where Silverbullet Research & Insights come into play. 

We deliver solutions for simple as well as complex challenges. We live and breathe to generate and deliver information, data, analysis, knowledge and solutions which creates value and return-on-investment to our customers.

Our results, recommendations and solutions make it simpler and faster for our customers to decide, navigate and implement smart and well-designed decisions and solutions. 

Reliability and professionalism combined with outstanding customer service are key elements in our work. We look forward to welcoming you.



Market research and insights via data has gained a higher strategic focus and is top priority in many companies and organizations. Together with the increased focus comes higher demands for data quality, data usage, analysis insights. In combination with the fact that the number of data sources and their complexity are greater than ever means the demand for valid insights, analysis and recommendations are growing very fast. All this at a time were budgets and resources within companies and organizations are streamlined so meeting the challenges requires a capable and flexible partner. 

The Silverbullet group is ready to solve these challenges together with you.


Silverbullet Research & InSights is part of the Silverbullet consulting group, which is built upon integrated services of Management Consulting, IT & Technology Consulting and Research & Insight Consulting. 

Our name Silverbullet is our daily reminder of the importance of Turing Award-winner Frederik P. Brooks world famous article “No Silver Bullet”, which addresses the most important criteria for success: Unique knowledge, respect for the task and knowledge of the specific project.

Silverbullet contains a team of experts and front figures within the market research, management consulting and technology & IT-consulting industries in the Nordics from companies such as IBM, NIRAS, Rambøll, Deloitte and others. The defining characteristics of the founding team and the professional staff in Silverbullet is what others see as impossible, we consider possible qua our multi-disciplined expertise. This approach is reflected in everything we do.

Silverbullet is the partner of our customers with no exemption. The joy of the customer, when they see our results is what we strive to deliver every time. This is accomplished by placing us in the position of you as customer to front and solve the challenge – not only as a supplier, but as a dedicated and loyal partner and advisor. 

"Nearly 97 percent of data

  sits unused in organisations."


Gartner Research

(Now it's getting interesting)


From a service and delivery perspective, we are a ’next generation’ market research partner. We make use of the newest and innovative methods and tools within IT & Technology, Management & Consulting and Research & Insights. 

We are frontrunners within technology, software and advanced analytics and cover all classical methods and tools within the quantitative and qualitative disciplines. 


We provide a multi-disciplinary understanding which enables Silverbullet to offer a strong full-service team, which optimizes the entire project process for our clients.  We have extensive experience within the following business areas and sectors:

  • Digital services and transition

  • Health and Medical 

  • Industry and business development

  • Public Utilities and Sustainability

  • Retail and commercial

  • Tourism and Attractions

  • Culture and Leisure

  • Transport and Airports

  • Learning and Education 

  • City and Community Development





Media and advertising

Silverbullet specializes in how media, brands and people interact. We measure the effects of communication and campaign contents to ensure optimal return of investment.

  • Measurement and understanding of media platforms

  • Planning and creating content and communication

  • Content and communication testing prior to launch

  • Effect- and brandtracking



Market and brand strategy and innovation

Silverbullet specializes in solving challenges regarding innovation, market understanding and shopper behavior so our customers can define the best market strategies, identify new opportunities, optimize buying behaviour, improve services and products and improve brands with the objective of increasing revenues and profits.

  • Brand strategy

  • Innovation

  • Market insights

  • Product and packaging test

  • Shopping behavior



Customer and employee relations

We work along with our customers to improve satisfaction, experience and loyalty, and we do this through data modelling, analysis and measurement among their customers and employees.

  • Customer Feedback and Relations Management (CFRM) through primary and secondary data

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Mystery Shopping 

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement



Society and Politics 

We gather data and create insights within the areas of society and politics at all levels within the public sector, organizations and political parties. We deliver tailored solutions for all kinds of challenges. 

  • Public Surveys and Analysis

  • Reputation and User Surveys

  • Political Polls and Research 

  • Evaluations 





Business Intelligence

Silverbullet specializes in Business Intelligence (BI), so organizational data can be transformed into actionable knowledge and hence into fact-based decisions. With the constant increase in data available, decision making can now be based on facts instead of gut-feelings and intuition. 

The data driven company overcomes to map its history, diagnose its present, and forecast its future with the overall purpose of making better decisions. Silverbullet deliver services within BI and CPM-tools, including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, Alteryx, Adaptive Insights, Data Robot, IBM planning analytics etc. 

  • Datawarehouse and BI-platform

  • Self-service BI

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • IoT Analytics

  • BI Assessment and Strategy



Quantitative Methods

We deliver all types of quantitative research such as: 

  • Desk Research 

  • Register based Statistics 

  • Personal Interviews (CAPI) 

  • Telephone Interviews (CATI)

  • Web based Interviews (CAWI) 

  • Paper based Interviews (PAPI)



Qualitative methods 

"No data without stories, no stories without data”. Qualitative analysis and insight are strong tools to uncover the unknown and creating a common story between a customer and a product. Qualitative data in combination with quantitative data often provides a far more comprehensive picture and understanding of the issue. We deliver high quality solutions worldwide via the expertise and experience of our team.

  • Ethnography and In-depth studies

  • Personal In-depth interviews

  • Focus groups and Participant workshops

  • Social Intelligence and Listening on Social media

  • Mobile Exploratory Studies



Data collection, data analysis and field work 

Naturally, we also delivers data collection services and fieldwork for our customers if requested. Often, this service is provided to customers with their own research department who will be responsible for further analysis and communication. Silverbullet covers data collection globally via our partners, and we have great team with large international expertise standing by to assist you on these matters.


Kristian Budolfsen                                     

Director & Partner                                     


Mobile: +45 614 614 66                             

Terje Vammen

Senior Director & Partner

Mobile: +45 2986 1515