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Silverbullet tilbyder et stærkt full-service team med en tværfaglig forståelse, som gør det muligt for os at optimere hele projektprocessen for vores kunder. Vi har omfattende erfaring inden for følgende forretningsområder og sektorer blandt andre:


Tourism, Culture & Attractions

All destinations, cultural institutions and attractions live and breathe to create good experiences. But how can this be done best to achieve the greatest possible success? Our answer is that it is best done on the basis of data.

The industry is faced with constantly changing consumption patterns and demands, and it is therefore important for the various players to follow the development closely. Both to be able to keep up with the development but also to stay ahead of it. Many players already have a wealth of data about their customers, and if not, we will help them obtain the data. Either way, we make sure to transform your data into valuable insights.



The aviation industry is developing rapidly with both rising demand and supply. Meanwhile, passenger demands are also rising, putting pressure on airports to provide world-class experiences to their passengers to improve the commercial aspects of their business. We help our clients gain insight into the changing requirements, point out appropriate actions, prioritize them in between and execute them.

Silverbullet's experience in aviation industry studies is second to none. We use our knowledge to improve the level of projects we deliver to our clients. We transform simple and complex data from multiple sources into actionable insights and help our clients take insight-driven strategic initiatives.

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Transportation & Mobility

The public transport sector is constantly evolving. New demands arise from both passengers and municipalities, regions and the state in relation to the service offered to customers. Furthermore, mobility and a seamless combination of means of transport have become even more important.

We carry out passenger related projects through both quantitative and qualitative approaches and often combine this data with operational data to create a holistic picture - all with the overall purpose of offering passengers the best possible level of service and experience, so that public transport becomes or remains the preferred choice.


The Public Sector

We provide insights to many different branches and levels of the public sector. This applies to the state, regions and municipalities, and within many-faceted areas ranging from urban and business development to health to the supply sector.

We work closely with the public actors and conduct, for example, user surveys and opinion polls in order to create the right knowledge base for new insights. The purpose is to help public actors better understand their citizens so that they can adopt and implement new initiatives. All for the benefit of the citizens and their quality of life.


Retail & FMCG

Over the years, we have provided insights to a wide range of customers within retail and FMCG. The industry is developing at a rapid pace and many companies, for example, have to transform their business into a true omnichannel business.

We have helped clients meet many of the challenges facing the industry. From the successful launch of new products, to consumer perceptions and attitudes to new initiatives, to planning and executing the optimal mix of stores in eg. airports and major centers.


Media & Advertising

Silverbullet specializes in how media, brands and people interact. We measure the impact of communication and campaign content so that optimal value for money is achieved. These include, for example, measurement and understanding of platforms, planning and creation of content and communication, content and communication tests before launch, as well as measuring the effect of campaigns on the customer's brand.

We carry out tailor-made measurements but often consider the possibility of benchmarking relevant KPIs against previous studies or other brands. It provides the best conceivable platform for measuring impact and input on how future campaigns can be executed.

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