Terje is an experienced analyst with 30 years of experience in methodical design, management and implementation of complex multidisciplinary analyzes and business and organizational development projects in a variety of business areas and countries

In recent years, Terje has worked extensively on sales and development of ongoing analysis and data collection services in Norway, Singapore, the UK, Germany and Austria, where he has been in overall responsibility for the operation and development of task portfolios.Quantitative and qualitative analyzes and evaluations are among


Terje's specialties using a wide range of methods in multi-string design with desk research, register statistics, interview-based methods via telephone and web as well as postal questionnaires, self-evaluation, personal depth interviews and focus groups.
Terje has extensive experience in ongoing project management of complex process and innovation processes and service of complex steering groups over longer periods of time.


Terje's professional interest in business and business development assignments has led to a large network commitment, among others in Erhverv Aarhus, where he is chairman of the board, and in Den Gamle By, Aarhus Academy and Visit Aarhus, where he is a board member.


Terje loves to cook both on a daily basis and when he is free. Good ingredients and new flavors with food prepared from scratch without slavish use of recipes are often on the menu. However, inspiration is always good from both literature and from restaurant visits.

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