Torben Høy 




Torben's competencies lie primarily in program management and project management. He has worked as a supplier in i.a. health and education sector, and has a background as both software developer and human resources manager.

Torben has developed and managed IT product areas, and has taken full responsibility for several large digitization programs for the healthcare sector in Denmark and Sweden. Common to these programs has been great organizational and technical complexity, as well as a high degree of subcontractor management and contract management.

He is result oriented and has his eye on the ball. He is good at conveying complex issues in an understandable way and creates a trusting work environment so that progress is made even in projects where the parties disagree.

Torben says things the way they are, and his partners call him credible, trustworthy, confident, listening and attentive. And then he appreciates the importance of humor for the good work environment.

As a consultant, the assignments are multifaceted and Torben thrives on utilizing his many years of experience to produce results. As a manager at several levels, Torben has concrete experience with how people and organizations work in digital environments and why it is sometimes a challenge to realize the expected dividend.

With his technical background he easily bridges the technical and the business and he is motivated by crushing the problems that block the way to success.


Torben's main interest is music, which he spends a lot of leisure time in front of the speakers at home and out in the venues. In addition, he is passionate about cycling, though primarily in front of television and along the roadside.

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